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Final Blow by Earthfang Final Blow by Earthfang

A large black creature quietly hovers within the Outland sky, uknowingly; adventurers go on about their business unaware that they are in danger. The creature plummets from the sky as he swoops at a Blood Elf riding his mount. He knocks the Blood Elf away, as his mount is horribly devoured.
He draws his large shimmering mace and prepares for battle as the creature makes a swoop at him again. As the beasts mouth open's wide, the Blood Elf shimmers with light, as he leaps upon the beast's head. After a few powerful pounds from his mace, the creature groans in a reckless rage, as the Paladin is quickly thrashed off.
The creature approaches him as and inhales. The Paladin held his hand up against the creature as it breathed blue flames hiding the poor Blood Elf from view.
After the flames cleared, the Paladin was witnessed again with a strange aura surrounding him. He arose as he struck at the creature with his mace; the creature was infuriated from the pain as it attempted to swallow him whole. The Paladin dodged with grace as he delivered yet another blow that infuriated the creature further. The creature took flight, and attempted to swoop down at him again. The Paladin was now caught within the creatures’ jaws. As its jaws opened up once again, to swallow him whole, he broke free of the creatures grasp smashed the beasts’ stomach with the mace. A strange thing began to happen, the creature flashed into a white, as it looked as though it was about to crumble. The creature landed again, riving in agony. As the Paladin took his hammer against the creature once more and pierced the creatures’ stomach, as the creature began to disintegrate...

I've always wanted to be someone like that. Someone who could alone, take on the big an mighty. Btw, that's my new lowbie Lavius, i just wanted to give him some glory in epic armor, and look cool. If you want to meet, I play on the US Emerald Dream Server.

Models (C) Blizzard
XNS Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Right into the belly, jam.
WereLeopard16 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2009
lol kool. u should make one on cenarian circle. i have a 69 Belf DK. I can run you through everything lol
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September 5, 2007
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